A600/1200 IDE to CF storage card adapter. The CF card runs in "true IDE mode", and looks like an IDE harddisk to the computer. Patch for Hdtoolbox for the "unit is not a disk. type 7." problem. I think that this is because some bit from the CF card identifies the card as some kind of removable media. I think some CF card manufacturer might offer have software (most likely for doswintelpc) to change that bit inside the card???
Note: The CompactFlash specifications say that the input logic high voltage level should be at least 90% of Vcc. When using 5 volt supply, it should be between 4.5..5 volts. However, compact flash memory card manual from Sandisk tells, that a 2.4 volts at the input is acceptable. In practise this kind of IDE to CF-card adapters seem to work even without any voltage level adjustment.