IDE-harddisk projects for Amiga - IDE68K - ABIDE - a500ide


A DIY "project" IDE-interface for Amiga 500 Uses two TTL-chips.


The adapter plugs in to the 68000 socket, and the 68000 is placed on top of it. Emulates IDE of Amiga 600. ide 68k here

ABIDE "Auto-Boot IDE"

Interface PCB plugs to the side slot of Amiga 500, has a PLD, 74LS245 buffer for other half of data bus, and two IDE-connectors. Also there is a place for I2C-serial EEPROM. Single board made.

Standard drafts

ata-r32.txt (This document has a few things not so well specified.)
T13 Committee website, standards and other documents "Technical Committee T13 is responsible for all interface standards relating to the popular AT Attachment (ATA) storage interface utilized as the disk drive interface on most personal and mobile computers today." "But the actions of the SATA secret society directly control how T13 operates. This is a big mess."
ATA-ATAPI.COM "Information for Developers of Products Using ATA (PATA, IDE/EIDE), Serial ATA (SATA), ATAPI, CF, CE-ATA and Other ATA Related Interfaces"

Other interfaces

ATID.lha by Petri Pihkala
NOTE: *IOW and *IOR are mismatched in the schematic. This interface should work with Quantum LPS 52 IDE drive. It didn't work with my Conner Peripherals 3044, so I had to make A500ide. The byte order is different in this hack.

There is some hard disk stuff in Aminet hard/hack and hard/drivr (such as bug fixed SPARTAN SCSI driver. I used its main .device code in a500ide and wrote my own hardware interfacing code for IDE drives.)