Floppy drive controllers

CBM-1581 clone DCN-2692

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CBM archive at zimmers.net. Schematics & service manual for Commodore 1581 as well as chipdata for Commodore ICs, such as 6502 and 6526 CIA
1581 Service Manual, html format
www.6502.org Data for 6500 series chips. And other 6502 related documents.
4x4.hopto.org and a mirror. Amiga schematics and documents. 8520 CIA data in the file "a500_2000trm_3.zip"
"Probing The FDC" Article about Atari ST:s floppycontroller, WD1772
"How to use a PC 3.5" HD disk drive with your FZ-1" (Casio and PC floppy differences)
Roland W-30 uses a WD1772

bits of information

Try "google" search with the searchwords Atari WD1772
WD1772 was used in the Atari ST machines, and some people made the chip work with high density HD-floppies. It seems you need a "02-02" version of the WD1772 to be able to use HD-floppies by doubling the clock from 8 MHz to 16 MHz.


An earlier commodore 1581 disk drive clone controller card. It is built using mixed techniques of printed circuit board and soldered wire links. A good example of how one should have taken mounting hole locations in to account before making the board design. top view bottom view